Simplify the process of Purpose

Purpose is complicated!

When it comes to your purpose it should not be confusing. It is a big word and we all want to get it right.

To really simplify and understand purpose is to esteem it as a flower, that could be a rose if your prefer. A rose has above 20 petals making up its form. Others have four depending on the flower, my point is that purpose is not a day event but a life time event of ‘individual petals’.  The petal is likened to a season where you act on what God says you should do in line with what he created you for.

As a Christian this is one of the main topics we hear, yet time and time again it does not seem simple to apply. In pursuit of purpose you may compare yourself to what others are doing and saying, or battling addictions, you may even want to be used by God and need to grow in faith the list continues. How can purpose be fulfilled you ask? it is simply achieved by having God in your heart.

Purpose simplified

How can purpose be fulfilled?  When you are filled with God. The mind , soul and spirit is filled with Him. Our emotions are subject to his word and not our feelings or past experiences, our mind lets go of unproductive words and view and our spirit fellowships with His Spirit. When all three are aligned to God , petals of purpose begins.

To know your purpose is to eat and be the word of God, with this the Holy Spirit inspires you to declare Christ and His image in a certain way. No one can tell you this way only God can. This means daily you surrender to him and obey him.

God has placed skills and gifts in you also that is part of your purpose.  This can be a career path also and it can be an additional work you are to do.

As a flower starts as a seed and needs soil, water and light to grow so is your life in Christ the same. You are here in the earth which is the soil, the word of God is your water and light, and so is your environment. As the bud blossoms, seasons come and go in your life that form the petal’s which become a beautiful flower.

Without a few petal’s a flower is never fully complete, I want you to see that if in this season of your life you take it carelessly how will your achieve what God has in plan for your work, family, business or ministry? If you approach it with the readiness that I have something to accomplish now where I am, the season will gradually become a complete petal that is waiting for the next petal to come in place.

Lady, You were made for such a time as this – Esther 4:14

Esther was put through a treatment so she can reach a position that will cause her to fulfil her reason for being on earth, to liberate the Jews. If she messed up in the treatment stage she wouldn’t have been crowned Queen.  Read Esther 1 and 2.

God may not show you the ‘bigger picture’and if he does, you can only get to the bigger picture in stages, So the series is all about empowering you in those stages and even the bigger one too! so you must be willing to go through each season.

Your in a stage right now and you need to know these four things..

•Know what is your aspiration, dreams of your heart

•Know the dreams of your heart

•Know what God has said concerning you

•Know what God is saying about you

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Excel in Life,


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