Holding God’s promise for your purpose

Hey Lady,

I am a firm believer that purpose is reviled in stages and in seasons, that is why this series is key, why? because it is all about unwrapping your purpose where you are.

It is also important to live life with the promises of God embedded in your heart to carry you through each phrase you find yourself, your not here to do purpose alone and the more you dig deeper with God the more secure you will become in living a dedicated life of purpose!

What has been your biggest takeaway so far in Unwrapping your purpose?

I  have  had a big take away which has been answering questions and receiving testimonials and walking in my worth as I share my heart with you. It has caused me to identify the importance on holding on to God’s promise and sharing my heart for purpose even more.  I have held on to God’s promises for me in this season and seen him do extraordinary work and want to share how you can too! Watch my video here!

Promise, promise, promise is key to unwrapping your purpose. Write down the promises of God in a journal.

To have faith in yourself as the source is not the ideal action but to have faith in God who has bestowed you with good ideas, plans and dreams  is more faithful to help you complete them all. 
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My purpose right now is beyond writing a post here and there but to really empower you to walk in your purpose, there is still a lot to unravel about purpose and I am sure you have some questions and need some support. I am here to help because I get it, I have been there and learnt some valuable lessons along the way.

So I would like to know if you have unwrapped a new area of purpose this month or if you desire to do so before the end of the year? If you have done so what did you implement into getting results? I would to hear from about it , so leave a comment below.

I would love to meet you! Join the community of Purpose driven women to support you. 22851873_2026255700937951_4900279875977306221_n


I will soon have an exciting opportunity to work with me more personally for 21 days, yes I am dedicated to see you thrive in your purpose.  Are you loving this topic and want extra support to unwrap more in your current season. Add your email here for more info. I look forward to here form you.

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Excel in Life,



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