Don’t panic, plan your year

Hey Lady,

Lady OMG!
Can you believe December is in 4 days!!! Where has the year gone? I remember when I took a new life with blogging this year and ventured out, it seems like a dream.

What have you achieved this year that stands out to you? Are you planning something greater next year? I would love to hear about it so I can support you as much as I can in prayer and with practical tools.

The important thing is that you don’t panic if you are still working on your dreams. There is a process and you have one that is different from other people,so embrace what and where you are and walk hand and hand with God to utilise everything well.

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If you followed the theme for October and November ‘Unwrap Purpose, walking in for in purpose devotional, purpose inforgraphic, screen saver and more’ you will have seen I have shared my heartbeat on living in purposve and walking in your worth as a woman who has a vision to accomplish . I hope the themes have helped you in many ways and if you have any highlights and testimonies please share so others can be encouraged about your story.

Sooo (drumroll please) the good news is the ‘Dedicated challenge’ that was streamed live on Instagram and ALH network page in November will be available especially for you. As a woman with goals, dreams and plans to achieve in life it is crucial to remain dedicated no matter how you feel about yourself or what you think about other people’s opinions. You have to take full ownership of what God has placed in your heart to do and be in this world. This Dedicated challenge pack will be available to you December 1st so look out for it! Don’t panic about what you haven’t done yet in 2017 , just start planning and dreaming now and be Dedicated to your course for 2018.

Excel in Life,



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