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Thank you for visiting! I am Sarah Utsaghan founder of A Ladies Heart. My passion is to help and support you as a christian women in being who God created you to be while adding value to your worth and helping you identify your purpose in life as you pursue new ventures. 

My life of blogging began shortly after giving birth, it was pressed upon my heart to start writing what God laid in my heart as a women, obtaining a humble heart and living more consciously of Him.

Being a Pastor’s wife and a mother meant that I had to spend more time with God so that my steps, actions and plans are in line with His, because we can get it wrong sometimes. 

I have always want to live an adventurous life and my zeal to do so, causes me to take steps of faith into new grounds, where I become of who God wants me to be and live out of boxed purpose.

When it all began…..

I remember being in the hospital and saying ‘God, I have said it before but I say it again, I am yours’ it was an ‘my life is in you’ kind of moment, the curtained space became like his throne room. With love and support from my husband, the story began.

I am here to support you with my personal life lessons that has kept be excelling no matter the situation, while keeping God in the centre of my heart. My heart as a lady has been to please God, follow his lead in every season and create opportunities for myself to excel and I share this all with you here.

Joining the community is more than being a number, it’s a self-declaration of pursuing a heart after God in all your ways. You will be able to implement lessons that help you be unique and discover abilities hidden in God while walking in faith as you pursue new ventures.

A Lady after God’s heart, 

Sarah Utsaghan


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  1. It’s beautiful, all of it. I’ve read it and I want to read more. For some time I’m out of this world and indulging a Christlike world of truth, peace and revelation. Thank you!

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