Push to destiny… Press through pressure

In life we are always aspiring to go to the next level, no matter the situation, vision or goal it’s built in us to keep moving forward.  Remember the verse from Matthew 13:12… “the kingdom suffereth violence and the violence take it by force” . Hold on to it. Here is a way the LordContinue reading “Push to destiny… Press through pressure”

Know your season..Embrace your season’s

Hey people, To be honest, my spirit has been toiling through a lot. So I’ll leave this with you..’know your season..’ I loovvee the body of Christ so much, and I’ve had a lot of dealings with people and still am till today. People are very blesseddd..Lol there are people who do or say thingsContinue reading “Know your season..Embrace your season’s”

Purpose..”When He appears We will be like Him”

We talk about ‘purpose’ ALOT in the body of Christ.. I agree that we should know what we are created for But we can only truly know when we are knowing Him… then it will flow so naturally. We hear a lot of Walk in your purpose… Know your purpose… Ask God for your purpose… IContinue reading “Purpose..”When He appears We will be like Him””

Jeremiah 29:11..His thoughts are my thoughts

Gods thoughts are of good/peace and not of evil towords us (Jeremiah 29:11), so why do we take it upon ourselves to have thoughts that are evil towards our self?? One may say,’I don’t think evil towards my self, I don’t think to do myself harm..etc. But if we look at what evil thoughts are,Continue reading “Jeremiah 29:11..His thoughts are my thoughts”

Prophecy, heart of the Bridegroom to His Bride

  I believe prophecy is like the heart of the Bridegroom (Jesus) to His Bride (you/me) saying can you get this done for me…, this is my surprise for you…, this is what I have in store for our future, can this area be changed so this can get done etc. His openly testifying aboutContinue reading “Prophecy, heart of the Bridegroom to His Bride”

Humility, a jewel of the heart.

 Lets talk about humility…. Humility is like a rare jewel. As a jewel is hidden behind the mud before it is found and wiped clean, so is humility of spirit, hidden by our flesh, by our pride and ego before we are wiped clean by the word of God in our hearts. Knowing that God humbled himself, by giving us theContinue reading “Humility, a jewel of the heart.”

Offence..a road block in our journey

Offence.Offence.Offence. People are always getting offended when something happens that they don’t like. This stops one moving forward and allowing friendships to blossom. This is something God has been and still is teaching me about by His grace. Why get offended? What made you offended in the first place? Do you feel like your personContinue reading “Offence..a road block in our journey”

Bride for Life not just for a day

Every lady wants to be a bride for a day, to choose that beautiful dress and ornaments that will make her stand out, hair style that compliments their dress and the rest goes on. Its a lovely thing yet after the day it fades away, dress in attic or suitcase till maybe a daughter mayContinue reading “Bride for Life not just for a day”

Unique You, Unique Couple

Being a wife and husband is being the unique self that you both are and were before you met. It’s not a role that one starts to play as soon as they are married and then maybe with children. But it is a quality both already have, using their uniqe character and personality to nurtureContinue reading “Unique You, Unique Couple”