Maternity & Me encouragement #aladiespodcast #aclaritylifestyle #empowerher

PODCAST EPISODE LOADING… It’s time to Serve Mothers & Millennial mothers – Sarah Utsaghan Maternity & Me : home truths and encouragement for ladies on the Mat-vile journey! This is for you if , you fit in one of these categories : 1. Unsure what maternity period entails due to hearing others negative experiences. OrContinue reading “Maternity & Me encouragement #aladiespodcast #aclaritylifestyle #empowerher”

Alittle about me & Why I started my blog

Hi Ladies, So this post is a little about me and why this blog is here. I thought to share on why I started a blog. To be honest I started this blog not to get followers, claps or praises. I started it because I was lead by God to and he is my no.Continue reading “Alittle about me & Why I started my blog”