Are you using your key?

Do you ever get the feeling that you have a key that has been made specifically for you and no one else. It’s what sets you apart from the crowd, the ability that makes you unique and authentic.

That key is your ideas, gifts, dreams and visions. Your key fits a door and a specific keyhole. The more you learn and apply yourself to your craft and industry the more you allow the key to fit the keyhole and open doors of possibilities.

Life gets busy, as a mother and wife myself I know the struggles of balancing vision and family commitments, but I am also determined to learn and humble myself where appropriate so I can fit my key in my keyhole and not allow it fall on the floor.

Having your key dropped on the ground is my metaphor of stopping and leaving your vision aside. Being authentic means you will have to fight for your worth, you will not allow yourself to be discouraged easily, you make the final decisions on what builds you up spiritually, emotionally and mentally so you can keep build in your dreams.

You commit yourself to responsibilities that may not involve your vision but you know will build character and strength.

Don’t let your key drop!

We are two months into 2018 and a lot may have happened, the Buzz of ‘new year new me’ speeches to the realities of life and the fight to stay focused at all costs.

One of the cost in being grounded on who God created you to be and expressing that in your uniqe way, whether on social media, public platforms or in writing.

Your journey of authenticity has a cost, keep learning and growing so your key remains untainted and opens up doors of possibilities. If you have a social media account and want to keep sharing your vision with tools on being creative with your message and being authentic as you do so join @lwv_support.

What key are you using? Are you applying yourself where you did to and if not , what’s stopping you? Share your thoughts and click reply!

Excel in Life, 


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Do not give in to resistance, unwrap your purpose!

Hey Lady,

WE are in the middle of February and all the goals you have set for your vision may seem impossible. While you’re trying to balance work, family and life you want to get closer to reaching your goals this year.

I know you have promised yourself that 2018 will not be like 2017. And you have a lot of time to change things around and refocus on your purpose.

Don’t you hate it when you want to take bigger steps forward, it feels like there is resistance all around you? The mean response is that you do not give in to it. Stay focused and unwrap your gifts, abilities and talents.

Three ways to unwrap your purpose in the midst of resistance and uncertainty:

  1. Tackle the feeling and words straight away. Never allow yourself to ponder on phrases and actions that can keep you in your tracks.
  2. Say your goals loud and clear. Write them down and speak it.
  3. Once you have made your conscious decision to commit to your purpose and vision. Partner with God, along the way.

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Back with a bang!

Back with a bang!

Hey Lady, I am so excited about this year and what we will be accomplishing with God in our individual visions.

Accomplishing great things with God will require him being your CEO and putting in the heart and hard work into your vision.   That means being authentic, humble, teachable and fearless while you bring out your light and shine. These farnominal heart goals will be the bed rock of all blog posts this year.

I am even more passionate to serve you as you unwrap your purpose , walk in your worth and excel in your vision. Last year I shared about stepping out and that was exactly what I did.  Did you step out in a new way?

I had to take time out of blogging to rest because there is a lot to do this year, but I’m back with a bang! 

In my reflection time I pondered on when I was studying in college and I started my Interior Decorating busines. I left my part time job (whilst in education) to fully follow God’s lead and inspiration and it was the best decision I made, but had room for improvement.

As I grew older I realised I was not leaning on God’s wisdom in the vision and tried to ride ‘solo’ as an entrepreneur, God shared with me during our clarity corner moments that I was actually being prideful in my ability without me knowing it, but thank God for the reality check!

I realise everyday that God is a jealous God and he wants to be involved in every area of our lives, he wants us to ask him fir strategies, ideas etch to fulfil purpose, nothing is ‘irrelevant’ to Him. He wants us to keep giving ourselves over to him and he will perfect the rest.

We sometimes put God a boxes and label them in the relationship,  marriage, family and career, but he not only wants to bless you but desires to be in the midst of you, guiding your every step.

The truth is, you can follow God in certain areas of your life and still be zealous for him, while leaving him out in other areas because we are subconsoiusly trained that way unless we ourselves say ‘ enough is enough’ , God take the lead in my vision and I will follow.

When I made that desicion to let him be my CEO, I truly knew what it meant to have His peace not the peace the world gives. And I have been able to walk and work in places with divine favour and wisdom. That is why A Ladies Heart is here to help you share your heart to the world and ensure your mindset and attitude enriches your vision.

My qualifications as a Textile Designer enabled me to work in my industry, design marketing materials for communities, while teaching and mentoring creative subjects in the educational sector while empowering people to walk in their purpose. While getting married and having my beautiful children.

Will you let Him be the CEO of your vision and heart ? What areas are you going totally surrender to him today?  

You are God’s temple and his vision is in your heart, it needs to be cleared from clutter and refurnished. The heart goals are your paint, I hope to talk you on a journey of applying your paintbrush to your walls, its going to get real, hard and teary but youll get there.

You will walk in purpose and know your worth in God like never before, remove the wall papers (a painter’s pet hate is to paint over wallpaper, why waste good paint!).

I coach and mentor women in their vision while helping them to overcome struggles and gain creative skills along the way. As a designer and teacher I realise that  every was born to create, whether it is creating a business, everyone has an eye for what they like but need help along the way.

With much prayer and preparation I will share over the next few days the mentoring and coaching services tailored for you.

2017was a phenomenal year in supporting you walk in your purpose and worth. I have been supporting people for over 10 years to discover their vision with design services and will sharing it all here.

Many things have changed in the past few month’s and A Ladies Heart is the ideal platform to empower you as they excel in your vision while naturing their creativity.

So whether you are unwrapping a vision or advancing, I am here help you overcome the hurdles in vision and creativity.
I have created a  lifestyle and relationship platform ‘You before I do’ on Instagram here  . The website will be coming soon in spring.

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If your staying right here and want me to help you fulfil purpose with God ….
On 27th January 2018 I will be hosting a virtual workshop on Walking in your Worth. This is many of virtual and live workshops running thud year. So join me to get the 3 truths to help you uncover your worth even more. Follow Ladies with Vision support page here

Excel in Life,

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How to stop blocking your own blessings and thrive

Hey Lady,

…. have you thought about this?
Why some women fight each other and themselves! The scary thing is that it is even within the christian community as well. It’s quite frightening honestly!

I don’t see any fights! You may say. But the fight I am talking about is not physical but mentkal and a battle of emotions.

What are the fights?

The words or actions that no one hears of or sees apart from God your maker. A secret fight within to be seen, heard and praised,because your a daughter of a King and the apple of his eye. But that’s not the intention for those verses, those verses are to build you up in the image of God not to build a pride look.

Then we have the emotional battle where rather than sharing an honest compliment, or asking for help there is
A ‘I can do better’ lingering in the air waves.
A moment of being happy when your plans are working and another of being upset with yourself and others when the plans are not working for you.
The pressure of trying to be the next best thing that does a,b,c in your field yet doesn’t need a community of likeminded people! Yikes! The fight is hard.

Where is it coming From?

I believe it comes from a place of pride, where personal experiences and thoughts have taken over God’s living word in your mind and heart. If you acknowledge your views and self image above who God says you are it becomes easy to deny yourself of your true worth in God, in effect fighting everything that comes your way, even your own blessings.

God’s blessings are delivered to an address that has his word on it, and that is you, if the post is sent but you are busy competing, bearking, being jealous etc. You will easily miss the blessings of walking in purpose.

As I turn 30 in 24hrs, I ponder on this because God has shaken me lot over the years and will still be working on my heart as I walk in purpose with Him because I can not afford to walk in purpose on my own. Can you?

The truth is for you to fulfill their God given vision in life
You have to be ready to stop hosting mental and emotional battles within against yourself and other people, while you walk in your God given vision.
Take a every thought captive that exhalts itself above God’s thoughts and actions of love towards yourself and others.

I personally feel God wants to help you put an end to every fight you have in your heart or have experienced in the past as 2017 draws to a close. 2018 is waiting for you and will fly by if you spend a min or hour dwelling on emotional battles that yield no result or fruit but a damaging effect.

If you see someone in the field you are also called to , reach out and build a godly connection.

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P.S Thursday Truth is ready for you to dive into on the group page.

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Excel in life,



Hey Lady,
December is my birthday month and I am excited. So I am sharing with you how I work behind the scenes on my vision and the challenges I give myself to make my month fruitful in growing with A Ladies Heart. It may not seem like a big thing but to me it is.

You see, purpose for me is a mindset and when you challenge your thinking and work ethics you gain results and are able to create beyond your wildest dreams.

So, as promised here is the dedicated challenge that was shared throughout November in my live video’s , which you can still catch at ALH Network on facebook too!

I won’t say much so you can start working and dedicating december to working daily on your vision with dynamic results.
Download your copy on subscription.

Also watch out for my new group page Ladies with Vision on facebook / Instagram where we can get working weekly with each other.

Excel in Life,


Don’t panic, plan your year

Hey Lady,

Lady OMG!
Can you believe December is in 4 days!!! Where has the year gone? I remember when I took a new life with blogging this year and ventured out, it seems like a dream.

What have you achieved this year that stands out to you? Are you planning something greater next year? I would love to hear about it so I can support you as much as I can in prayer and with practical tools.

The important thing is that you don’t panic if you are still working on your dreams. There is a process and you have one that is different from other people,so embrace what and where you are and walk hand and hand with God to utilise everything well.

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If you followed the theme for October and November ‘Unwrap Purpose, walking in for in purpose devotional, purpose inforgraphic, screen saver and more’ you will have seen I have shared my heartbeat on living in purposve and walking in your worth as a woman who has a vision to accomplish . I hope the themes have helped you in many ways and if you have any highlights and testimonies please share so others can be encouraged about your story.

Sooo (drumroll please) the good news is the ‘Dedicated challenge’ that was streamed live on Instagram and ALH network page in November will be available especially for you. As a woman with goals, dreams and plans to achieve in life it is crucial to remain dedicated no matter how you feel about yourself or what you think about other people’s opinions. You have to take full ownership of what God has placed in your heart to do and be in this world. This Dedicated challenge pack will be available to you December 1st so look out for it! Don’t panic about what you haven’t done yet in 2017 , just start planning and dreaming now and be Dedicated to your course for 2018.

Excel in Life,



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How to Own your pace & own your vision!

Hey Lady,

I have been pondering on the fact that it is nearly the end of the year and there is a lot to do and prepare for in 2018. Have you been thinking on this also?

It has challenged me to think and act on owning what God has given to me. You see we can easily get caught up in doing things that does not help us achieve our God given idea. I am sure you have heard the saying, busy body!

A busy body does many things without taking full ownership. Are you tired of doing many things but not owning your own process to accomplishing your big dream, are you tired of not being one with your work and purpuose in life?

If you want to own what God has given you by taking leaps and steps in your own pace, personal season without having the pressure of competition and lack of inspiration, then I encourage you to OWN IT! Take full ownership of how you will make your idea work, own your style and everything that is in your heart to achieve. Let people see your work and see a lady who is proud of who God made her to be, a lady living in her purpose.

Because that is what owning it is all about, you need not to be embarrassed, ashamed, confused about the heart God gave you. You embrace every mistake, joy and plan with the confidence that it all works for your good.

2 areas to own the time you spend is to

  1. Create weekly hours to work towards your plans
  2. Divide the hours into daily schedules

P.S Owning it is the secret weapon to living in joy and defeating depression.

Excel in Life,


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FREE Walking in Purpose 7 DAY DEVOTIONAL

Hey Lady,

Because I love you with all my heart….

Thank you for your support by reading, liking, replying content from A Ladies Heart.

This 7 day devotional has been created to support you as you live a purpose driven life with Christ. God laid it on my heart to share it and if I am changing , I want you to change for good too. It is only for 7 days because as you read it for daily for a month, the verses, prayer and affirmations will renew your mind on your true worth and do everything with God as your #CEO in life. Let God speak to you in new ways each day.

I have been thinking on how we can build engagement with this devotional what do you think? would you like to join me? I will be live tomorrow 11am on instagram @aladiesheart and ALH Network (Facebook)  so come and join the community if you haven’t already!

I won’t say too much so subscribe and get your ‘Walking in purpose’ 7 day devotional

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New ‘Dedicated’ Service Launch

21days to living dedicated to purpose

 Launching 3rd November 

If you enjoyed the Unwrap your purpose Series, this 21 day program allows you to personally unwrap your season and apply yourself to your purposeful driven vision, business, ministry and project.

In this 21 day program we will share tools on committing to your purpose, identify the season you are in and how you can work towards your goals and adapt your vision around your season, whether that be a business, ministry or project. You maybe a working woman, wife, mother and want to dedicate 21 days to working hard and having clear plans to succeed.

It takes 21 days to break a habit so lets break those habits that keep you stuck and gain a new habit for purpose no matter how you feel and live. We will unlock limitations hindering your work flow, mindset and skills. This launches in 3 days  and you will be able to purchase the program ready to start on 7th November.

There is a reason for your season, you don’t need to stop working towards the dreams of your heart. Stay committed to the reason God created you while adapting where you are to your purpose. 

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