Being Beautiful is a mindset

Being beautiful is a mindset Being beautiful in your own skin and design is a mindset. As women, it may seem easy at times to see a flaw in yourself and magnify it. Don’t magnify anything but the Lord Jesus! What is a flaw, a flaw is an imperfection, shortcoming or limitation. The challenge is toContinue reading “Being Beautiful is a mindset”

Be your own Beautiful

Thank you A Ladies Heart for giving me the opportunity to contribute to this amazing blog. Being a woman has always been full of contradictions from culture, from society. We are always given conflicting information and advice as to how to act, how to speak, how to be. It can be quite a distracting existenceContinue reading “Be your own Beautiful”

Taking care of your Skin: Facial Radiance

As women we always want to look our best, even if its going to the corner shop. If you have to wear makeup to the corner shop then I think there is a problem. Peel off the layers and work on your skin. I personally love to use organic products on my face and IContinue reading “Taking care of your Skin: Facial Radiance”