How to stop blocking your own blessings and thrive

.... have you thought about this? Why some women fight each other and themselves! The scary thing is that it is even within the christian community as well. It's quite frightening honestly! I don't see any fights! You may say. But the fight I am talking about is not physical but mentkal and a battle … Continue reading How to stop blocking your own blessings and thrive


Overcoming Lust:Single & Waiting Part II

Lets go a little deeper. We shared in Single & Waiting that we most take this season of single-hood as a time to be healed, restored, renewed while living for God and not others. You may be single and struggling with a lustful desire. So we are going to be as real as can be … Continue reading Overcoming Lust:Single & Waiting Part II

I’m Single and waiting…

Now we ask,does being single mean I'm just meant to wait for Mr Right?.... Its all about who has your heart...