Holding God’s promise for your purpose

Hey Lady,

I am a firm believer that purpose is reviled in stages and in seasons, that is why this series is key, why? because it is all about unwrapping your purpose where you are.

It is also important to live life with the promises of God embedded in your heart to carry you through each phrase you find yourself, your not here to do purpose alone and the more you dig deeper with God the more secure you will become in living a dedicated life of purpose!

What has been your biggest takeaway so far in Unwrapping your purpose?

I  have  had a big take away which has been answering questions and receiving testimonials and walking in my worth as I share my heart with you. It has caused me to identify the importance on holding on to God’s promise and sharing my heart for purpose even more.  I have held on to God’s promises for me in this season and seen him do extraordinary work and want to share how you can too! Watch my video here!

Promise, promise, promise is key to unwrapping your purpose. Write down the promises of God in a journal.

To have faith in yourself as the source is not the ideal action but to have faith in God who has bestowed you with good ideas, plans and dreams  is more faithful to help you complete them all. 
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My purpose right now is beyond writing a post here and there but to really empower you to walk in your purpose, there is still a lot to unravel about purpose and I am sure you have some questions and need some support. I am here to help because I get it, I have been there and learnt some valuable lessons along the way.

So I would like to know if you have unwrapped a new area of purpose this month or if you desire to do so before the end of the year? If you have done so what did you implement into getting results? I would to hear from about it , so leave a comment below.

I would love to meet you! Join the community of Purpose driven women to support you. 22851873_2026255700937951_4900279875977306221_n


I will soon have an exciting opportunity to work with me more personally for 21 days, yes I am dedicated to see you thrive in your purpose.  Are you loving this topic and want extra support to unwrap more in your current season. Add your email here for more info. I look forward to here form you.

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Hey Lady,
December is my birthday month and I am excited. So I am sharing with you how I work behind the scenes on my vision and the challenges I give myself to make my month fruitful in growing with A Ladies Heart. It may not seem like a big thing but to me it is.

You see, purpose for me is a mindset and when you challenge your thinking and work ethics you gain results and are able to create beyond your wildest dreams.

So, as promised here is the dedicated challenge that was shared throughout November in my live video’s , which you can still catch at ALH Network on facebook too!

I won’t say much so you can start working and dedicating december to working daily on your vision with dynamic results.
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Also watch out for my new group page Ladies with Vision on facebook / Instagram where we can get working weekly with each other.

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Don’t panic, plan your year

Hey Lady,

Lady OMG!
Can you believe December is in 4 days!!! Where has the year gone? I remember when I took a new life with blogging this year and ventured out, it seems like a dream.

What have you achieved this year that stands out to you? Are you planning something greater next year? I would love to hear about it so I can support you as much as I can in prayer and with practical tools.

The important thing is that you don’t panic if you are still working on your dreams. There is a process and you have one that is different from other people,so embrace what and where you are and walk hand and hand with God to utilise everything well.

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If you followed the theme for October and November ‘Unwrap Purpose, walking in for in purpose devotional, purpose inforgraphic, screen saver and more’ you will have seen I have shared my heartbeat on living in purposve and walking in your worth as a woman who has a vision to accomplish . I hope the themes have helped you in many ways and if you have any highlights and testimonies please share so others can be encouraged about your story.

Sooo (drumroll please) the good news is the ‘Dedicated challenge’ that was streamed live on Instagram and ALH network page in November will be available especially for you. As a woman with goals, dreams and plans to achieve in life it is crucial to remain dedicated no matter how you feel about yourself or what you think about other people’s opinions. You have to take full ownership of what God has placed in your heart to do and be in this world. This Dedicated challenge pack will be available to you December 1st so look out for it! Don’t panic about what you haven’t done yet in 2017 , just start planning and dreaming now and be Dedicated to your course for 2018.

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How to Own your pace & own your vision!

Hey Lady,

I have been pondering on the fact that it is nearly the end of the year and there is a lot to do and prepare for in 2018. Have you been thinking on this also?

It has challenged me to think and act on owning what God has given to me. You see we can easily get caught up in doing things that does not help us achieve our God given idea. I am sure you have heard the saying, busy body!

A busy body does many things without taking full ownership. Are you tired of doing many things but not owning your own process to accomplishing your big dream, are you tired of not being one with your work and purpose in life?

If you want to own what God has given you by taking leaps and steps in your own pace, personal season without having the pressure of competition and lack of inspiration, then I encourage you to OWN IT! Take full ownership of how you will make your idea work, own your style and everything that is in your heart to achieve. Let people see your work and see a lady who is proud of who God made her to be, a lady living in her purpose.

Because that is what owning it is all about, you need not to be embarrassed, ashamed, confused about the heart God gave you. You embrace every mistake, joy and plan with the confidence that it all works for your good.

I know you want to own it and you want support and accountability going forward so you can be the best woman God created you to be while empowering other people with what he put in your hands and heart right?

Well lady you can get all of this and more over at my free Facebook community ALH Network. It is a private group where my weekend Dedicated challenge is held to give you tools on planning your vision for the week ahead, weekly sessions and support.

2 areas to own the time you spend is to

  1. Create weekly hours to work towards your plans
  2. Divide the hours into daily schedules

Click here to learn more and join the community of purpose driven women dedicated to owning what God has given them. Also the 7 day devotional ‘Walking in Purpose’ is available to download today, don’t miss it!


P.S Owning it is the secret weapon to living in joy and defeating depression.

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FREE Walking in Purpose 7 DAY DEVOTIONAL

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Because I love you with all my heart….

Thank you for your support by reading, liking, replying content from A Ladies Heart.

This 7 day devotional has been created to support you as you live a purpose driven life with Christ. God laid it on my heart to share it and if I am changing , I want you to change for good too. It is only for 7 days because as you read it for daily for a month, the verses, prayer and affirmations will renew your mind on your true worth and do everything with God as your #CEO in life. Let God speak to you in new ways each day.

I have been thinking on how we can build engagement with this devotional what do you think? would you like to join me? I will be live tomorrow 11am on instagram @aladiesheart and ALH Network (Facebook)  so come and join the community if you haven’t already!

I won’t say too much so subscribe and get your ‘Walking in purpose’ 7 day devotional

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New ‘Dedicated’ Service Launch

21days to living dedicated to purpose

 Launching 3rd November 

If you enjoyed the Unwrap your purpose Series, this 21 day program allows you to personally unwrap your season and apply yourself to your purposeful driven vision, business, ministry and project.

In this 21 day program we will share tools on committing to your purpose, identify the season you are in and how you can work towards your goals and adapt your vision around your season, whether that be a business, ministry or project. You maybe a working woman, wife, mother and want to dedicate 21 days to working hard and having clear plans to succeed.

It takes 21 days to break a habit so lets break those habits that keep you stuck and gain a new habit for purpose no matter how you feel and live. We will unlock limitations hindering your work flow, mindset and skills. This launches in 3 days  and you will be able to purchase the program ready to start on 7th November.

There is a reason for your season, you don’t need to stop working towards the dreams of your heart. Stay committed to the reason God created you while adapting where you are to your purpose. 

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Fear vs Faith : Choose what wins

Hey Lady,

Are you in a place where you are constantly fighting fear and faith? In your journey of purpose your thoughts are the main battle you face to reach where you need to go and who you desire to become. The mind is your battlefield you engage with it daily and this is simply a match between fear and faith. You have to choose which one wins. 

Watch my video below on my secret tool to win your fight today!

Entertaining fear will only give it the upper hand over faith and likewise with acknowledging faith more.

Fear tells you that because you have not seen what you are expecting it will not happen, Faith says , though you haven’t seen your expectation this season you will achieve it in due time. What you spend your time processing will win the fight on you reaching a goal or not even starting at all.

When words of fear grip your mind what do you do? When you feel overwhelmed with fear of the future and whether your plans and ideas will work out you need a vital tool to suppress fear and walk in faith. And it is in your words, your proclamations.

Your getting warmer to the video..

For verily I say unto you, That whosoever shall say unto this mountain, Be thou removed, and be thou cast into the sea; and shall not doubt in his heart, but shall believe that those things which he saith shall come to pass; he shall have whatsoever he saith.
Mark 11:23 

Fear- ‘An unpleasant emotion caused by the threat of danger, pain, or harm’-dictionary term

No one likes living with fear, it is known to rub us of joy, peace, clarity, strength and power. That is why it is a weapon used to derail you from your purpose, because one of these are missing from your sight it becomes easier to lose sight of God’s bigger plan and seasons.

 Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. 

Hebrews 11:1-10 

Watch my video on the secret of proclamation

How to overcome fear

  • Narrow down what is making you afraid
  • Replace your words of uncertainty with faith.
  • Make proclamations of faith
  • Speak and think faith even when it’s hard
  • Build your word bank of faith
  • Know what you want to achieve and proclaim it

So then faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of God. Romans 10:17

To have faith in yourself as the source is not the ideal action but to have faith in God who has bestowed you with good ideas, plans and dreams  is more faithful to help you complete them all. 

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Prayer, The First call of action

Hey Lady,

Hope you have been enjoying the Unwrap your Purpose series.  This week is about using prayer to unwrap your season and gift. I have created a gift for you to support you in pursuing purpose in every season.Free ‘I am Purpose’ screensaver and ‘5 Keys to Purpose info graphic below.


As I reflected on the reason I started the blog from my delivery room experience in the hospital, I have come to realise we have to keep giving our best to God and those in our community even when seasons change. 

‘Each of you should use whatever gift you have received to serve others, as faithful stewards of God’s grace in its various forms. ‘ – 1 Peter 4:10

When Seasons change…

 It is important to change with your seasons, each season has a purpose for your many gifts. If you find yourself depressed and down while pursuing purpose it is because you may forgotten that you have many gifts that need to be reflected in different seasons.

This can also be the cause if have set your mind to achieve a goal but due to personal changes these seem unattainable.  You may not have put extra time into searching out the plan of God due to the pressure you put on yourself to be someone other than who he created you to be.

What about if I tell you every goal is achievable but you will have to be ready to change your perspective and approach and the only way to do that is to pray.

No matter your circumstances

  • you are purpose and that can’t change
  • your gifts are needed.
  • Pray to have unknown gifts known (i.e, I never took photo’s apart from selfies but now I created my brand and take all my photo’s for this platform. )

The importance of prayer

‘Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.’ -Philippians 4:6

Your daily, weekly, monthly, yearly dealings to your assignment is clarified in prayer. With prayer there is no layer that can stay uncovered. I am sure you want to live this season fruitfully no matter what your facing so you just need to…

Watch the Video to unwrap a new layer of your uniqueness through Prayer



A free gift to support you in pursuing purpose in every season is available on subscription.  Also find more #unwrappurpose content on my social media posts.

Before you go, say a little prayer

Father, I declare because I have been created for such a time as this, this new season I am in, will cause me to fulfil your new assignment to me. According to your words, my ways are made straight, your light shines on my path and the wisdom I need to act on your call now,  I receive in Jesus name.  Lord because my image is hidden in you, reveal the image you have made me to reflect here on earth in Jesus name. Amen

What stops you from giving your time to God’s purpose in your life?

Here to help!

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Excel in Life with Christ,

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Who am I ?

 My name is Sarah, I am a creator, teacher and mother. I believe my call in life is to support you as a christian woman who is passionate about living life with God, being everything he created you to be and growing in your worth by implementing life changing processes that empowers you to be a light to others. 






Simplify the process of Purpose

Purpose is complicated!

When it comes to your purpose it should not be confusing. It is a big word and we all want to get it right.

To really simplify and understand purpose is to esteem it as a flower, that could be a rose if your prefer. A rose has above 20 petals making up its form. Others have four depending on the flower, my point is that purpose is not a day event but a life time event of ‘individual petals’.  The petal is likened to a season where you act on what God says you should do in line with what he created you for.

As a Christian this is one of the main topics we hear, yet time and time again it does not seem simple to apply. In pursuit of purpose you may compare yourself to what others are doing and saying, or battling addictions, you may even want to be used by God and need to grow in faith the list continues. How can purpose be fulfilled you ask? it is simply achieved by having God in your heart.

Purpose simplified

How can purpose be fulfilled?  When you are filled with God. The mind , soul and spirit is filled with Him. Our emotions are subject to his word and not our feelings or past experiences, our mind lets go of unproductive words and view and our spirit fellowships with His Spirit. When all three are aligned to God , petals of purpose begins.

To know your purpose is to eat and be the word of God, with this the Holy Spirit inspires you to declare Christ and His image in a certain way. No one can tell you this way only God can. This means daily you surrender to him and obey him.

God has placed skills and gifts in you also that is part of your purpose.  This can be a career path also and it can be an additional work you are to do.

As a flower starts as a seed and needs soil, water and light to grow so is your life in Christ the same. You are here in the earth which is the soil, the word of God is your water and light, and so is your environment. As the bud blossoms, seasons come and go in your life that form the petal’s which become a beautiful flower.

Without a few petal’s a flower is never fully complete, I want you to see that if in this season of your life you take it carelessly how will your achieve what God has in plan for your work, family, business or ministry? If you approach it with the readiness that I have something to accomplish now where I am, the season will gradually become a complete petal that is waiting for the next petal to come in place.

Lady, You were made for such a time as this – Esther 4:14

Esther was put through a treatment so she can reach a position that will cause her to fulfil her reason for being on earth, to liberate the Jews. If she messed up in the treatment stage she wouldn’t have been crowned Queen.  Read Esther 1 and 2.

God may not show you the ‘bigger picture’and if he does, you can only get to the bigger picture in stages, So the series is all about empowering you in those stages and even the bigger one too! so you must be willing to go through each season.

Your in a stage right now and you need to know these four things..

•Know what is your aspiration, dreams of your heart

•Know the dreams of your heart

•Know what God has said concerning you

•Know what God is saying about you

So you want to know more on how to unwrap your purpose, subscribe to the blog for your posts, guides and more, put your faith to work now!

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