worthy mind session




grey copy sarah utsaghanYour vision is a reflection of your worth, you may want to get things done but are tired of trying to yourself with people who have different tools, life experiences and motives. Mindset for walking in your worth can not be taken lightly. It requires honesty, authenticity and dedication to believe.

You have been holding back on sharing a piece of your heart because you do not know where to begin.

You have started but are overwhelmed with work and other commitments. You know you are worthy of your vision but allow limiting beliefs cloud your judgement.

You desperately need assistance and are willing to create 2 hours in your day away from your busy schedule to restructure your mindset towards your vision and take action today. You know what you want to do and get on with it, with information overload standing in your way , the desire to gain more clarity on taking action and overcoming procrastination.

Imagine incorporating your Ideas, life experiences and lessons that you believe God has called you to share confidently and fearlessly while developing an authentic and humble character along the the way.

This session gives you the benefits of getting on with your goals while selecting where you personally need assistance in walking in confidence and clarity.

You also have email support after the week following our session.

A personal workbook will be emailed to you and recordings from session.

Within this session you will gain a:



Session Includes:

Clean & Clearp (1)

Including an email catch up session where preferable.



Client agrees to

  • Attend sessions and be respectful.

  • Be honest with their vision and honest about what they want clarity in. 
  • Work hard and give 100% to the process by holding themselves accountable to the outcome.

As your coach I will give 110% within our time together and support you along the way via email along side our call sessions. I am dedicated to seeing you thrive while gaining the clarity and strategies needed. You will receive our call sessions and homework to complete.


This program is for the woman who is dedicated to working on her vision and is not looking for a get rich system but requires vision clarity to help move her forward. 


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